Monday, October 8, 2012

FHE bust plus six month old Ruby Tuesday

Lux Ruby Tuesday Wever is officially six months old.  I'm not going to say she's been my favorite baby.  But.
She loves to roll around on the floor, grab her toes, giggle, and her two bottom teeth are in.  She's an excellent traveler and when asked where she'd like to go next she said Toronto.

Meanwhile, we had FHE last night and while many of our FHEs are a bust, this one may have earned a blue ribbon.

Tod: Mom says I'm in charge of the lesson tonight so we're going to do something a little different...

Lennon: [in a headstand on the couch]
Larry: [in underwear only]

Tod: Tonight we're having a Q& floor...ask me anything you want.

Me: But what's the lesson.

Tod: It's me...answering any of their questions.

Me: ----

Lennon: What does Satan do on Sundays?

Tod: Well...he doesn't go to church. Then he gets people to do bad stuff.

Lennon: How about Mondays?

Tod: Same thing.

Lennon: How about Tuesd --

Me: K next question. 

Lennon: Does Satan go to school or work?

Me: Larry, do you have a question for Dad?

Larry: Cookies....I like Halloween.

Me: K I think we can wrap it up now.

Tod: Okay okay here's the real lesson.  Remember how Dad went diving under the ocean this weekend?

Boys: [more headstands]

Larry: [singing] This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!

Tod: Well, I had to listen to my dive master...he taught me the rules so I'd be safe on my dives....

Lennon: Did you see any starfish?

Larry: Hey, I'm a starfish, not YOU Lennon!

Tod: Yes, I saw starfish, eels, lobster, sharks, manta rays...

Lennon: Mom, look at my muscles.  Can I be a storm trooper for Halloween? 

Larry: I'm going to be a SHARK!

Me: So anyways, your dive master helped you and...

Tod: So yeah my dive master -- Larry, stop hitting Lennon -- he showed me the right way to dive just like Jesus shows us the right way to live.  We need to always listen to him so we can do what's right.  So unless anyone has anymore questions...

Me: Perfect, who's saying the closing prayer?

Lennon: I am.


Lennon: You said the opening prayer so...


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Carol said...

LOL! Precious .... . Just remember, it's the consistency of your FHE's. Even when u think it 's a waste of time or that nothing's getting through to these little ones, u would be surprised how much they "get". Br. Bednar gave great talk about how each brush stroke on that famous wheat painting eventually created a beautiful masterpiece. I wished I'd heard that talk when my kids were little. We were not consistent ...I became overwhelmed & didn't have the priesthood support you have (even if it's a Q/A "lesson" & it feels like "What???" I'm so proud of your family & the fantastic job you're doing our grandchildren.
:-) Sorry for the long post.