Monday, October 22, 2012

week review

 Our week started off with a regular Monday.  That night I put the boys to bed and a couple hours later heard a horrible bark from Larry.  He was burning  up and couldn't breathe.  Croup.
 Spent the next day in the E.R.  I'd like to know why the E.R. always takes a minimum of three hours and a million dollars.

 Found this in my purse...pretty sure I shouldn't have let him have it although I made sure he didn't take any bites.
 A steroid shot and three breathing treatments later....he was back to business.  So much better than last time.
Boys go to motocross
 Halloween cookies...their moms would've died at the amount of frosting we (myself included) consumed...sorry to everybody.
 My current entourage...we take up half the store
 Halloween package from Grandma KK...cookies and spooky spiders for the boys and this brush set for Lux.  I get it, I get it.

 Sidewalk chalk
And of course our little cat.
Not pictured:

Larry clogging two of our toilets this weekend with entire rolls of toilet paper.  I know this because when I came downstairs and demanded to know who put something down my toilet, Larry put himself in time-out.  Then there was the incident during Sunday dinner:

Larry: I have to go to the bathroom.

The rest of us keep eating.
Five minutes pass.

Me: Larry?  Larry!  Where are you?  Come finish your dinner!

Larry: I'm cleaning up, Mom. 

Me (to Tod): Should we go check on him?  What is he talking about?

Me (as Tod continues to eat): Larry!  What are you cleaning up?  Come eat!

Larry: I can't get out!  It's too slippery!

Tod enters the bathroom (right next to the kitchen)

Tod: Ugggghhhhh!  NOOOOOOOO!  Larrrrrrrrrrrry!!! 

Me: Uh oh...

Tod: Awwwwwwwww man!  He flooded the bathroom!  Ugggghhhhh there are little poo chunks EVERYWHERE!

Me: Tod seriously, I can't eat when you do that.

Tod: Uggggghhhhhhh....this is bad.  This is real bad...

Lennon: I can't believe Larry did that.  I never put stuff down the toi--

Me: We know.

Tod cleaned up the mess and I lifted Larry all the way upstairs and into the bath (as not to "contaminate the carpet" per Tod's request). 

Sorry, no pictures.

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