Wednesday, October 31, 2012

keeping up with kim last night

I sort of hate it when people tell me their dreams unless they're about me.  Because really...who cares. 
Although last night I had this dream.
I was sitting at the dinner table with some people (who I later found out were the know how dreams work)(see, I've already lost most of you) and Kris Kardashian made an announcement...she's been living on food stamps.
Then the dad got all upset but he wasn't really the dad but my neighbor and he was mad at Kris for not telling him.
Fast forward to later that evening and I'm sitting on the beach with Kim.  She is really upset.  Hair blowing in the wind, makeup (lots and lots) running all over her face.  Food stamps?!  I mean what now?!  Why didn't she tell me?!  What's next?!
I was listening to her with sincere empathy then spoke:
"Kim...listen...I'm poor.  And I'm still really happy.  In fact, I know a lot of people who are poor and happy.  Look at me...look how happy I am.  And I'm also really really poor."
And you know what?  The tears stopped.  I got through.  Then Lennon woke me up by breathing right into my face. 
Lesson to be learned: Life is not easy, even for the Kardashians. 
 Happy Halloween and
Happy Voting. 
Hoping my east coast friends are okay, especially Baby Darby.  Sending our love.

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