Wednesday, June 20, 2012

thanks lady

I usually regret spur of the moment stops at the store with three kids.

I try to go alone and if that is impossible I wait until I only have two if I can.

But today after we left the gym I realized we didn't have any milk and a couple things I needed for dinner.  I assessed the backseat...everyone seemed pretty calm and well-rested so I pulled into Albertson's parking lot.  Gave the boys a speech about listening to Mom and about not waking the baby.  About how if I say no carts (those kid-sized carts) then that means NO.  Because remember last time when you guys each had your own cart and kept slamming into my ankles and then into each other and then somehow Larry ended up on the ground screaming and so I made you both put your carts back which had you both screaming so I continued shopping despite the stares and we'd only crossed one item off our list?

We are not doing that again.

We made it into the store and I quickly picked up the items I needed.  No fights.  No kid carts.  Feeling home free as the four of us wheeled to the check out lines.  I picked the line with a lady and two items.  Perfect.

Lady (to the cashier) : Ohhhhhhhhh I wanted to ask you...I'm participating in the game but forgot to collect my game pieces the last time I shopped.

Cashier: Yeah sorry without a receipt then I can't really give you game pieces.

Lady: Hmmmmmmmm....welllllllllllllllllllllll let me check my was only a couple weeks ago....

Lennon: Mom, can we have a treat?

Me: No.

Larry: Treat?  TREAT?!  Mom, I want a treat!

Me: Sorry. 

Lady: I don't think I have the receipt.  Could you ask your manager if I can collect those game pieces just this one time?

Cashier: SIGH.  Okay (makes a phone call)

Lennon is now in the cart which wakes up the baby.

Lux: crycrycrycrycrycrycry

Lennon: Mom, the baby's crying.

Me: I know.

Larry: The baby's crying.

Lennon: I already told her that.

Me: I know.

Cashier: My manager will be here in a minute.


Now Larry wants to get in the cart.

I have three kids in the cart.  One is crying and the other two are arguing with each other over who gets to sit down and who has to stand up.

Lady finally leaves.

but they're so cute when they're sleeping
I start loading paid for groceries into the cart only to accidentally swing a bag into Lennon's head.  I couldn't see over the carseat.  Lennon is crying now.  We finally leave the store in one, hot mess.

Items purchased: milk, squash, bananas, yogurt, cheese.

Not worth it.

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Nelly said...

Ah, to go to the store sans kid, wouldn't that be devine?!