Tuesday, June 12, 2012

stormy weekend

I was ornery (almost) all weekend.  Just gloomy.  Bugged.  I think I'm hungry.  Trying to eat better.  Makes me less fun.  More stormy.  In fact, when I'm ornery Tod calls me Stormy.  I was Stormy all weekend.  Tod spent the better part of Friday night trying to help me snap out of it.  I finally did around 11:30 pm but then we fell asleep.  Stormy was back first thing in the am.  And so on and so forth.

Whenever I'm ornery Tod asks why.  When I start to make my list of reasons I know I sound ridiculous and then feel more ornery for being ornery in the first place.  But sometimes all those little things just add up.  But why be mad at the world when nothing is REALLY wrong.  Why not wait until I have a real reason to cry. I know I know.
last summer during our mountain getaway

 pregnant with Lux but didn't know it yet

Luckily these guys joined us for dinner Sunday night.  Unfortunately they live in a different state which depresses me (Stormy).  You know how it's hard to find good couple friends?  Where the girl likes the girl, the guy likes the guy, the girls like the other guys...you know.  We have that.  It's a special thing.  We let our kids destroy each other on the trampoline and enjoyed dinner and chocolate cake.  Plus conversations about bad hair, no hair,  Dateline, and piles of files. After our visit I felt a little sunnier.  Perked up a bit.

Then there was last night.  Lux kept us both up for most of the night.  And this is the baby who has been sleeping through the night for almost a week.  Finally around 5 this morning, Tod got her to sleep.  Promptly at 6 am, Larry was screaming from downstairs,

"Mooooom!  Daaaaaad! Lennon cut my hair!"

And the storm is back.

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IronLawGirl said...

I was pretty chipper all weekend. Until we hung out with you guys. Then we left, and then I was mad you guys don't just live down the street from us. Thanks. ;)

ever fond of murder,