Monday, April 30, 2012

larry love

Being a parent is scary.  You have so much to lose. 

Which is easy to forget when you're driving to swimming lessons with three kids in your car.  The baby finally falls asleep as your almost three year old decides to start wakes up.  It's easy to get mad.  It's easy to lose patience.  It's so easy to forget who you're dealing with.
The loves of your life.
It's easy to get to those swimming lessons only to get caught up in conversations with friends.  Easy to apply the sunscreen to everyone's backs then check on the baby.  Ask how people are doing.  Thank someone for dinner.  Easy to forget to watch closely.  To never take your eyes off of them.

Today could've been so different.  Today when I didn't see Larry jump into the pool we could've ended up at the hospital or worse.  Today if Kristie hadn't screamed my name I wouldn't have run and jumped in after him.

What if we'd lost him?

I wouldn't have heard him digging as I made dinner tonight.  I wouldn't have been able to snuggle with him before bed or wash his hair during bathtime.  My heart would've had a permanent hole. 

I will read more books.  I will not skip pages.  I will not freak out over silly stuff and I will hug and kiss more often.  I will let the dishes wait so we can jump on the trampoline.  And yes...go ahead and keep digging holes in my yard.  Just stay safe and healthy and alive.

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