Wednesday, May 2, 2012

walkie talkies

For my birthday, Tod gave me three 750 minute calling cards.  To Canada.

Because he says the phone bill is "too high" every month and that I "talk to Megan too much" and that maybe she "shouldn't have moved to a different country" blahblahblah.  I say, what's an extra $100?  You can practically find that in your couch.

So we haven't talked since my birthday because I can't find the calling cards.

Then Sara told me about this app called "HeyTell" and it basically works like a walkie talkie...I push a button and send Megan a voice message then my phone alerts me when she's sent one back.  We've been conversing via walkie talkie for a week now.

Me, Megan, our matching outfits, and the man who decided to give up at mile 22.

Me to her: Tod wants to know if Canada has a Dancing with the Stars.

Her to Me: Hmmmm I don't think so...although we DO have Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Me to Her: No one cares about that show. Why can't Canadians come up with their own pop culture?  Oh wait I know...because Canadians want to be Americans.

and so on.

I think my next walkie talkie message will be:

Hey Megan, come back.

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