Monday, September 5, 2011

story time LIVE

Tod is putting the boys to bed telling them a story that I feel should be shared.  Or even published?

Once upon a time there were two little boys: Lennon and Larry.  They were brothers and did everything together.  One day they decided to start a small business -- a restaurant.  But they weren't sure what to serve at their restaurant.  So they traveled the world.  They tried food in Italy, China, India, Australia...they tasted every delicious food in this world.  When they got back they knew what they wanted to call their restaurant...LENNON AND LARRY'S TACO SHOP.  They decided Larry would be in charge of advertising so he wore a sign over his shoulders and drove traffic to their shop from the main road.  Lennon was such a people person he was in charge of customer service and would make tacos for anyone who came in (since that was the only item on their menu).  Business was pretty slow at first but once Larry got a few customers through the doors, word spread like wild fire!  Their tacos were the best!  Pretty soon their shop was busy all day every day and Lennon and Larry were rich.  They moved in together but had their own cars...Lennon had a Porsche and Larry had a Lamborghini. 

The end.


Tommy Lowell said...

Holly, your life's triumph has been marrying Tod Wever. It wasn't "taking nationals" as a highschool cheerleader, nor was it going deep into the state playoffs senior year in girls soccer, it wasn't your AS, BA, or Masters degree you've earned. One could argue that giving birth to Lennon and Larry could be your greatest accomplishment, however, they're still young and with the "awkard years still to come, we still aren't exactly sure what we have with those two, plus if you didn't marry Tod neither of those events would have occurred. Marrying Tod best thing you've ever done.

Karen said...

Sequel: Larry and Lennon decide to take on a partner. They find an "awesome" guy that will bring real "energy" to their taco business. Business takes a drastic turn to the south. Turns out said partner has been EATING all the tacos so Larry and Lennon buy him out and business thrives once again now that they got rid of the lazy crook.

MediocreMama said...

Tommy, I agree with you.

Mom, good one. I am still laughing.

Carol said...

Right on Karen!! (I'd like to add that said partner is suffering with gall bladder problems from eating all those tacos!)