Wednesday, September 7, 2011

no labor weekend

As Labor Day approached I started coming up with last minute plans...Grand Canyon?  the beach?  the mountains?  Let's go!

Friday arrived and I realized we'd be staying in town.  That's okay; tomorrow let's have a picnic! take the boys swimming! exciting date night!  We did take the boys out to dinner where Tod taught Lennon to call the vibrating wand (that beeps when it's your turn to be seated) Mom's vibrator:  "Mom!  MOOOOOM!  Where's your vibrator?  Why won't you give me your VIBRATOR?!"

Saturday morning arrived and instead of that picnic we I spent the morning disciplining Lennon for biting Larry.  I was so mad and while my instinct was to bite him back (Doesn't feel good, does it?) I calmly gave him a more appropriate punishment -- to pick up every single rock on the backyard lawn and throw it back into the rock bed.  It was a two hour battle but my lawn is now rock-free and the bite marks have faded.  No swimming that afternoon; Tod headed to the DMV to get his suspended license reinstated and we slept.  Tod is THIS CLOSE to driving legally again.  THAT is exciting.

Our date night consisted of Tod and me sharing a plate of nachos at a sports bar. Caught a movie where I decided I was attracted to Ryan Gosling because we would make such a great pair.  He would just LOVE me if only he KNEW me.

Monday was soon here and I resorted to one last weekend goal: Unpack the suitcase from my trip home A MONTH AGO.  Spent the morning grocery shopping, errand running, park going, then ended up with friends that night for dinner.

And my suitcase still looks like this:

Only picture from our three day weekend

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Meegan said...

did you see Crazy Stupid Love? From that movie Jason developed a man-crush on Ryan and I doubt he's afraid to admit it. And I like him even more than I have in the past, (and that was heaps and gobs of like.)