Thursday, September 8, 2011

still alive

On Monday afternoon this text came from my brother Tommy:

Earl Rose passed away today.

For over a year our good friends Paul and Diana have watched their dad suffer from leukemia. Not just leukemia but chemotherapy, blood transfusions, good days and dark days.  And on Monday he took his last breath.  My heart felt heavy picturing the family's pain knowing he's finally gone.  I remembered  losing my dad and how FINAL it felt.  Couldn't call him, couldn't see him, couldn't talk to him or sit next to him.  Gone.  

Because of my dad I'll never use these bike seats...used to terrify me.
I walked upstairs to the office to tell Tod.  I found him on the computer with Lennon -- teaching him how to play chess.  I stopped for a second and had flashbacks of my dad teaching Tod to play chess one Christmas in front of the lit tree.  In an instant I realized that even after a person dies, so many parts of them continue to live.  Through us.  My dad is still alive during lunchtime when I listen to Bob Seger while I make the boys their food.  A part of him lives when my boys sing lullabies from Neil Young and the Beatles.  I'm reminded that he's a part of me when I can't have ONE SINGLE ITEM on the car dash while driving.  He is still here.  He is in us.  He is at church, he is on the radio, he is the reason Lennon will learn to play chess.  

Earl will keep living as well.  Love you, Rose Family.  To read his courageous story, click HERE.

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diana said...

My sweet Holly, thank you so much for this thoughtful and moving post. You have been an incredible friend throughout this whole thing with your words of comfort and experience. I love you dearly. I hope our dads can hang out in heaven.