Friday, June 24, 2011

Road trip

1. We have been on the road for three hours
2. We've almost crashed one time per hour.
3. Mostly because Tod likes to stare at salt mines, rock formations and 15 passenger vans with 4-wheel drive (I'll get you one of THOSE, Holly!)
4. Tod likes to ask questions like, "Do you think it would be that hard to start your own town? I mean do we need to buy the land first or just get permission from the state?" etc...
5. Right now he is singing along to Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill...his choice... And yodeling along. He likes annoying music on long drives.
6. We've already eaten a canister of Pringles.

More from the road later...

And p.s. Thanks to our house sitters for keeping our house secure and plants alive.

p.p.s. I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's giving a high five...


Ryan Smart said...

1. Where are you going? Somewhere fun?
2. At least Tod asks questions-my wife sleeps and I get so bored.
3. It's great to have a variety of music on the road and Alanis Morisette isn't a bad choice.
4. I think I may enjoy a road trip with Tod...and you-let's figure that out.

Isn't it ironic...don't you think? It's like a free ride when you've already paid.

Heidi Ann said...

Gotta love road trips. A whole can of Pringles is a must. It's quite funny how we think "road trip" means "binge trip". I do it every time. Alanis is a dream for sure. Oh and nice job putting in the house sitting plug. Smart way to keep the crazes from lurking around your house while you are gone. Keep having fun and updating!

Amy Bolyard said...

If I didn't know better I would think you were on a roadtrip with Toby. Sounds verrry familiar.

Jason said...

Tod, I have been shopping for those vans. They are awesome and it is a lifestyle choice that I want to be a part of. Lets buy one together and split cost and timeshare. -jason