Thursday, June 30, 2011

Devil's Butt Crack

I don't want to alarm anyone but I think I have pink eye. Even though Ann Dee says adults don't get pink eye; this adult just did.

Even more alarming was this morning after we packed our tent and got back on the road...Tod convinced me that a particular stretch of road was named "Devil's Butt Crack" because when the tall trees on either side of the highway are on fire the road in the middle looks like a butt crack.

I'm sorry I believed him but it was only until I tried picturing the locals saying it out loud that I called his bluff.

We are done camping. The boys were in heaven. I ate enough s'mores to feed your entire family.  And I love my sister in laws. Because they are funny, smart, nice to me and are willing to smuggle a laptop to the lodge where there is wi-fi to watch a reality show (which shall not be named) with me. I would say more but Ashley is so boring and dresses so desperately I have no words. coming soon including one of the infamous crack.

Dear Apple: why any I post pictures from my phone?


Christina said...

Adults do get pink I. Me and my hubby both had it a couple months ago. So glad you had fun on your trip and glad you got to watch some reality TV, even if she is super boring and irritating. Why do I keep watching?

Ryan Smart said...

Here's a topic for your blogging world...why do all women hate Ashly? I am going to be honest here, I think this is THE most realistic Bachelor or Bachelorette I have seen. I think she is real, her insecurities and desperate dressing are real (side note-best body of any of them so far-face not so much). She says stupid stuff, she is insecure, just like real people. I like her-I like her less in evening wear with heavy make up and weird clothes. I feel so bad for her watching herself on TV through this Bentley thing. But she doesn't seem like she's putting on a show. Bottom line I like it...and sorry about the pink eye.

MediocreMama said...


I don't watch reality television looking for realistic events, people, or situations. However, here is what I don't like about her:

Her voice
Her shawls
Her collection of flowy button up shirts
Her bangs
Her failure to know a tool when she gets left by one
Her inability to muster one interesting conversation. With anyone.
How she feels it necessary to discuss Bentley issues with all the guys.... Lame.
Her forced, fake laugh.
Her wardrobe, period. Really difficult to watch.
Insecurities are getting old. Get over it, lady.
Did I already say shawls?

Heidi Ann said...

Good points all around. I hope you don't mind me chiming in Holly.
Ok yes Ryan, she does have the hottest body. I think that is my #1 reason for watching this season. Although Jillian looked pretty smokin' as well.
Oh the button ups!! Ahhh! The FIRST one I saw I thought "Oh cute, shows off her skinny legs" By the 50th button up I was way confused. She must have raided her dad's DI bag.
The bangs are her biggest saving grace. That forehead needed a small miracle. (Oh I feel sooo rude! Oh well)
Her conversation skills are the WORST! I am always dying when she bust out the most awkward questions out of the blue. "So, tell me when you cried last? Oh we are twins. What do you think that means? Do you think that means something? huh?"
Bentley. So sad. Don't even need to comment on that.
SHAWLS!!! I am dying!! My grandma would be LOVING her. So stylish.

Katy said...

Ann Dee doesn't know what she is talking about ... I've had pink eye like twice as an adult. Where does she get her info? Dr. Oz? Dr. Heather Heileson?

Katy said...

Oh and Ashley? Worst bachelorette EVER! I highly doubt any of those guys are even interested.

Ann Dee said...

uhhh, i got my info from a kids doctor last week. He didn't say adults DON"T get it, he said it's not as common. sheesh.

and you guys, please don't criticize Ashley as she goes on this journey. she really just wants this process to work for her on this journey. will it happen? I don't know dot dot dot