Tuesday, May 24, 2011

we need a car

On Saturday night Tod agreed to accompany me to an Arrow of Light ceremony up Mt. Charleston.  Because remember, I'm a scout now.  We filled his Honda's trunk with s'mores for 100 people and headed for the mountains.  Did you know Vegas had mountains?

To make a five hour story short, halfway up the mountain the car overheated.  And apparently unless you want to pay a million dollars, tow trucks don't serve Mt. Charleston.  So we hung out for awhile, taking in the scenery, playing Words With Friends, then eventually decided since we missed the party, we might as well try to get home.  Tod flipped the car around and coasted down the mountain, down the 95, and off an exit.  He has skills.

We assumed we had a blown gasket or something like that.  Whatever that is.

Instead, all we need is a new engine and it will only cost $5200.  What a relief!

So now we face the decision: New engine or new car?  Eventually we will need a bigger car so do we just buy one now?  Which led to tonight's argument.

My dream.  My absolute dream.  Because I'm a mom and not a movie star and convenience trumps all. 

Me: Well, if we're going to get a new car, we could look into minivans.
Tod: I'm not buying a minivan.
Me: They have awesome vans now...automatic sliding doors, GPS, plenty of storage space, seats 7 - ....
Tod: I'm not buying a minivan.  I don't want to see a van in my garage.  It depresses me.
Me: We could park it in the driveway...
Tod: I'm not going to pay for gas in a minivan...I'm not going to insure a van and I'm not going to ride in a van.
Me: What if we take a family trip?
Tod: I'll drive in my own car behind your van.
Me: What makes you so cool that you can't have a van?
Me: Okay, let's pick out the car that YOU want ME to drive YOUR kids in all day long for the next ten years.  That makes sense.

and so on and so forth.

What do you drive?  Do you like it?  Because we are sharing one car right now and I'm not sure how long I'm going to last.  And if you say minivan, be prepared to hit a brick wall.  Not going to happen.


Ryan Smart said...

Erica says the SAME thing and I refuse, zero argument, u will nit buy a minivan. I don't care ifnit changes diapers, raises my children and other pleasures. I can't do it. Indon't want to see my wife driving one either. They make SO many other cars. We drive an Chevy Equinox and really like it, though it's only a 5 seater. The Acadia is what Erica wanted. I want a LR4 of my own but gas prices make me want a moped. Please don't buy a minivan.

Unknown said...

We don't drive a mini van and honestly my husband feels the same way. I drive a Mercury Milan. It is a great car. I have two girls (4,3) so with their booster seat and car seat you can't really fit a 3rd person in the middle seat. It also gets great gas millage like 25 mpg.

Matt and Tiffany said...

We don't dig the mini van either. We have a Infiniti QX56,it is great! Ours seat 7, gets 16 mpg, and is super comfortable. They are really expensive new, but we bought ours used and have loved it. My sister actually just bought one too. My car in high school was an Infiniti and my mom drives is everyday to Dugway. I graduated 13 years ago! Good luck.

raegan said...

Holly, you crack me up! I went from my cool bright green beetle (remember back in the days of coolness) to a black Honda minivan. I LOVE it! I would not give it up for anything at this stage in my life. In a couple of years, maybe. Like you said, convenience trumps all and the sliding doors are the BEST! The DVD players doesn't hurt either. Good luck with this battle!

IronLawGirl said...

Ya Holly, why don't you guys just buy a QX56?!?!?!? Hahahahahah!! We bought ours used too, and it STILL was almost $50k! Plus, it actually got closer to 12 mpg. Granted it was the best car I ever had, it was too big, and way too expensive!! We ended up paying through our nose just to get rid of the thing. Early mid-life crisis over.
Maybe you should just "earn" the minivan...

love you!!

The Mounts said...

I married into the same situation. My hubby and his family zHATE minivans with a passion. I have wanted one since we had our second child. We had baby #3 in March. 3 weeks ago we leased a minivan :) We took a trip from Utah to Disneyland in it last week. My husband is now sold on the minivan. 6 years ago I NEVER thought I would ever get him to drive one. Miralces DO happen :)

Ryan Smart said...

Why stop at a minivan-I mean just buy a motorhome...don't do it Tod. A lot of things are comfortable and convenient-like mumu's, I mean Holly go buy a mumu and strap a GPS and DVD player to it. It's like a minivan you can wear.

Carolee said...

Ahh....I am also married to an anti-minivan. I never thought I would want one, but man those automatic doors looks so dreamy. We have had the go-arounds about what "I get" when its my turn for a new car (hopefully in a year). I mean he got "his" truck a few years ago, why can't I get what I want since I will be driving it!

Anyways, I have been slowly wearing him down. And then a year ago the 4 of us flew to Utah. His parents picked us up in their Acadia (his choice) and when we came back to LV our friends picked us up in the minivan. When he saw how much better the minivan fit our stuff in and still had extra seats; he has seen how "great" minivans can be.

Although I could easily be getting a GMC Acadia or Chevy Traverse when the time comes....but it's looking like we'll only have 2 kiddos so I might be okay with that.

Good luck with the car decision.
Coincidentally, my car overheated a couple of weeks ago and had to be towed to the shop. Luckily, it only cost a few $$$ and lasts another year....the shop said they couldn't tell if there was long term damage :(

Ok, sorry for the crazy long comment.

ericareynolds said...

What Ryan and Tod don't understand is that a mini-van is a status symbol in the world we drive in. A minivan says, "That's right. I have 3 plus kids. I have my sights set on the celestial kingdom. I multiply and replenish! Also, I can be part of a carpool which I find to be important in this earthly life." Another, smaller car says, "I only have 1-2 children and have no plans for more. I'm okay with the terrestrial kingdom. At least, I won't have to change diapers there." It's about the message you want to send. In fact, it's kind of like sharing your testimony with the world with the added benefit of automatic sliding doors.

P.S. I LOVE my minivan AND my MUMU and my DVD player (that I strap to my chest--closer to my heart...) has the latest Mormon remake of a Jane Austen flick.

Ryan Smart said...

erica just made my case of why you shouldn't own one. ;)

I love this post and have this discussion all the time with friends. Our friends just bought one a couple weeks ago. My buddy said the guy tried to "sell" him on it and he said, "Dude, I don't want one, but here's my check...and my balls."

Kari Beth said...


Jessica Davis said...

Acura MDX sexy and family friendly! A man needs to be able to drive and feel like he has a pair and a woman needs to feel like she is rocking it even if she is wearing pjs and crusty boogs.

Wilder Family said...

Holly, I have a Saturn Outlook which is the same as an Acadia and I like it. It has the third row, enough room, because I swore I would never drive a minivan...BUT, now I DREAM of automatic sliding door and not lifting kids into the car. Seriously everytime we get in and out of the car I am yelling at my kids not to open any doors so they don't slam them into the car next to them. I'm over it. The Honda is my top pick too! I keep dropping hints to Mike about how convenient a minivan would be. I'm pregnant with twins, I think thats the least he could do right? :)There's no trying to be cool anymore for me, we are going to look like a circus with our 4 kids in tow. I can't deny the minivan any longer.

Loriann Jensen said...

Whatever you get go for the captain chairs in the middle row. That is if you plan on having more than 3 kids. Because a lot of these smaller SUV's may seat 7 but it's impossible to get in the back row and when you have that 3rd kid and you're oldest still needs help with his seatbelt you're gonna want the captain chairs. It's worth the search.

Ann Dee said...

I have a minivan plus my son van just carved his name with a curtain rod on the side of our minivan. So . . .

Susan said...

Okay, I happen to drive a minivan, BUT--check out the Mazda 5. It's sleek, it gets good gas mileage, it seats 6, but it's small.

MediocreMama said...

Ryan, Tod liked your comments. Erica, I liked your comments. And I love all the advice...Loriann, all the SUVs with captain chairs then have NO ROOM IN THE BACK for luggage. How do people travel in those things? Where does their stuff go?

More reasons he won't get a van:

1. Can't be considered a "work truck" therefore cannot be written off come tax time.

2. Wants 4 wheel drive

3. Wants something that can haul stuff (trailer with dirt bike, etc...).

Thanks for all the minivan shout outs but I think I have a choice: save the marriage or get a mini van.

evan said...

I am laughing my head off at all these comments. Your friends are so witty ... the tears are streaming down my face w/laughter. Tod was probably "traumatized" by having to be seen in our great big 1987 Ford van (without auto sliding doors or DVD players), Now THAT was a VAN!! I'm sure is psyche was permanently damaged. It's his parent's fault. Sorry, Holly.

(I'm w/you tho ... you need a minivan...he can put a hitch on the back for his trailer...it would look impressive!) :)

Don't give up after all the "absolutely never's" ... his dad finally went out and bought me a Smart Phone! So I believe in miracles.

This message is NOT from Evan!

Christina said...

My husband and I agreed at marriage that we would never buy a mini-van. If we had a prenup, it would have been in there. There are lots of great SUV's that have 3rows of seats. You don't get the automatic doors, though. I love my Expedition. It actually fits more people than any mini-van I've been in, but I cringe every time I have to approach a gas station.

Southern said...

Honda Pilot has a 3rd seat. Looks small on the outside, feels big on the inside. Try that one.