Sunday, May 29, 2011

we still need a car

...because we just sit here wondering if we fix it or buy? fix it or buy?  Tod's secretary found some seedy car shop on the east side who said they'd replace our engine for $1200.  Sounds good to me until it falls out on the freeway.

On the flip side, I got to spend a night away from my kids this weekend.  Which was important considering my seatbelt saved Lennon's life the other day.  Because while driving up Town Center I rearview-caught him swatting his sweet, fat brother with a toy for the millionth time.  I snapped and started swinging.  Waved my hand all over the backseat hoping to catch some of Lennon and make it sting just a little. Were people staring?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  He huddled up in the corner of his car seat sort of cocky because Hey look!  Mom can't reach me when her seatbelt is on!

Lucky boy.

Still need a car.

Tod wants one of these...or a new engine for $1200.


Ryan Smart said...

Ah is his the 4 Runner-that's what I wanted, then I saw the price tag and cried a little. Oh the password for this comment to be posted today is fockenu-thought you should know.That's what I say to awesome expensive cars I can't own.

alana said...

Yes Please to the 4-runner... Just say NO to the van!!!

marci and josh said...

I thought it was a Sequoia? I would buy it if I could. We don't drive a minivan and never will, but we only have 2 kids so there's really no need. I drive an Explorer, which is ok. I would love an Armada, or even an Acadia, but we have no plans to buy another car for a while. Hope you find something you like.

MediocreMama said...

Yes, it's the Sequoia. Really nice unless you have to put groceries or suitcases in the back because...there is no back.

Ryan and Alana, I love you but your votes don't count unless you regularly haul more than one kid around everywhere you go. Coolness was out the window years ago...