Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Poco Loco

Larry after successful Easter egg hunt

Larry on the beach

Too cool for breakfast

Larry in California

Larry loving yogurt and a quesadilla

Larry with post-nap hair

 Happy Birthday Lar, you are our sunshine.


kklowell said...

Maybe you shouldn't buzz his hair for the summer.

Carol said...

I LOVE his locks ... don't cut them off please. What if it doesn't grow back with the waves and curls? He's perfect just the way he is. (that's my opinion anyway, for what it's worth.) I miss my Lar Bear!!!

Jon and Ali said...

Happy Birthday Larry! I love this post! We really can't wait to see him. Jon talks about Larry on a regular basis. I think the boys will have lots of fun playing together at the Ranch this year!