Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I learned in Florida

 (No pictures from Florida, so here are some pictures of the tattoos Tod recently gave the boys.  Enjoy.)

1. Tod does not wear his seatbelt on the plane.  He also doesn't turn off his electronic devices when they tell us to and both of these things really, really infuriate me.  I asked if he's above the law and he said he doesn't want them to find his body if we crash.  Sick.

2. Speaking of seat belts, why don't they have them on shuttle buses? We used buses the whole time and I sat there praying we wouldn't crash because I could imagine my body flying through the windshield and landing on the highway where other cars would hit me as well and then who raises my boys and who would kiss them at night and we don't have a living will and would they remember me?

3. Tod may be underfed at home.  A company took us to dinner at Charly's Steakhouse -- supposed to be one of the best in the country.  I thought it was okay but Tod completely finished his ribeye, lobster tails, sweet potato side, asparagus side, and creme brulee.  His metabolism should be studied in a scientific lab somewhere prestigious.

4. Hotel floors just feel dirty.  I forgot flip flops and ended up tip toeing around our room the whole time.

5. Next time Grandma babysits, remind her that the boys drown everything -- including phones.  Sorry, Carol.

6. Also, next time you travel with a cold, be sure to anticipate it growing into something much, much worse as soon as you get home.  And be sure that your mom is there so she can 1. take your kids away from you (even to Chuck-E-Cheese bless her heart) while you sleep 2. vacuum your whole house 3. do all your laundry 4. bring you toast 5. fill fridge with food 6. feed Tod and 7. replace your sick old rags with new ones 8. clean out your microwave and 9. scrub your sort of gross stove top until it's sparkling. 

7. I wanted to leave my boys and as soon as I did I missed them.  A little.


Loriann Jensen said...

I freak out about my hubby and I dying when we leave them too. And we don't agree on who should raise our children if we do so the kids are extra screwed. Comforting thoughts.

IronLawGirl said...

Well get ready to leave your boys again!! we're thinking cruise or Hawaii... thoughts?
Also, just got back from Ragnar AZ, definitely not as cool as it was in LV!! I even got a picture of me in my pink sweats to text to you, but then realized my new phone doesn't have your phone number, so send it my way!