Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope yours was full of love. 

Ours has been so far except for the parts where the boys fought over this balloon that Tod says Lennon picked out for me.

And the part where I threatened to "POP THIS DAMN BALLOON SO THEN NO ONE CAN PLAY WITH IT!"

Happy V-day.


IronLawGirl said...

Oh Holly, we were cut from the same cloth! And yes we're thinking cruise or Hawaii in May. Probably which ever is cheapest. Have fun in Florida!

kklowell said...

Note to Tod...From now on, two balloons or three or four. It will all depend on how many kids are living in the house.

Jon and Ali said...

So your saying if "love" was a would POP it? Why did you POP their LOVE? Don't you LOVE, LOVE?

evan said...

The boys loved that balloon ... someone was always carrying it around or reaching up to grab it's ribbon ... I was surprised it was so durable and never popped & stayed inflated the whole week! Lennon is sooo adorable here. I just love him to pieces!

Carol said...

E V A N!!! He's been using my computer again!!!