Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Boots: A Love Story

Now that the holidays are officially over (ie: we're done eating leftover New Year's cheeseball and carrots with ranch for dinner) and our decorations are finally down (because by the 6th I still couldn't pull it together so Tod did it for me)(hey, new tradition!) I want to talk about the best part of this year's Christmas.

My new boots.

Instead of shopping for each of us, my mom gave us money and a few hours of free babysitting to do it ourselves.  My immediate thought was to get some diapers, some new shirts for Larry, some....and then she specified it had to be just for us.  Right now we spend money mostly on what we need, not what we want.  But I knew what I wanted.

At the mall I started walking into Nordstrom's from the car so Tod reminded me that we could get more for our money at other stores.  But you know how people adopt babies from different countries and tell us they felt a pull towards that country...a pull towards that child?  I get it now, Angelina.  Something inside that store was quietly calling my name. 

"I'm coming!" I called back but not really.

We walked through Nordstrom's doors and the first thing I saw was a clearance rack covered in boots.  The next thing I saw were my boots.  The only caramel colored pair on a rack of black, I walked straight over to them and looked at their size.  Mine.  Then I looked at the price.  It was right.  My search began and ended in 30 seconds. 

As I waited to try them on I watched as two overdressed girls (we're only at the mall, ladies) walked by.  One of them commented on the clearance boots, "Ewwwww, these are SO last season."  Wait, you think I made that part up don't you.  I did not, swear on my life.  And while I find comments like this unbelievably annoying, these girls made me love my boots even more.  Because I am a mom and not a runway model and if these are last season and affordable then let's do this every season. 

Because p.s. I'd rather be poor than annoying. 

And p.p.s. thank you Mom.


Kari Beth said...

I couldn't think of anything more perfect for you than your boots. I'm also so happy they survived a terrible soup explosion 2 days after you got them.

Erica said...

Love this. And love your boots.

diana said...

I've had the same hand-me-down boots for years and I still love them. Someone actually once asked me if pointed toe or round toe was "in" (This was while I was wearing my square toed hand-me-down boots) . . . I answered honestly that I had no idea and I didn't care.

Love your boots; love you. Make sure you check your mail this week.

KelliJamison said...

Those are sexy!

Tommy Lowell said...
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Tommy Lowell said...

What about something to help make smoothies and other treats quickly with very little clean up?

Lindsey and David said...

I think as a mom you're pretty hip for wearing last seasons styles. It hard enough to look presentable as a mom, let alone hip.

Anonymous said...

Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the color so much. These boots look like you. I love them. I love the little heel too. Sexy.

Nothing better than cash money because you get hours of entertainment out of it as well. Well, 30 seconds for you.

Last season.... I like to wear things while they are 'in season' and all the way until they are in season again.