Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Never go to bed back to back

[Picture taken on a non-back to back night]

Last night Tod and I went to bed back to back. Which means we disagreed about whether or not dishes need to be done the night before (me) or the next morning (him). Which isn't a huge argument or a big deal until Tod says something like this:

Tod: "Well, be sure to check the mail tomorrow."
Me: "Why?"
Tod: "Because your medal is in have won the grand prize for ALWAYS doing the dishes before bed."

Medal comment + Not doing dishes before bed = Going to bed back to back.

Just like in the movies when couples are mad and they don't snuggle and aren't close but sleep facing away from each other.

And then I think, why do I care about the dishes getting done at night? Oh wait it's because I don't want to spend the first hours of my day washing the freaking dishes.

But back to back sucks because I always, ALWAYS have nightmares and/or wake up with a headache. Because it's exhausting being mad ALL NIGHT LONG as I sleep/toss/turn. And I hate laying (lying?) there upset while Tod drops off to sleep .2 seconds later. He wakes up with a clear head washed of memories of any fight and I wake up ready to throw dishes at someone.

All those old ladies at your bridal shower were right -- never go to bed mad...back to back. They're only dishes.


mandy* said...

I totally understand the dishes thing!! When I wake up to an empty sink, my day starts out great. When I have to wash dishes first thing, I want to be mad all day...

Katy said...

Did you bump bums?

MediocreMama said...

No Katy...back to back nights involve zero touching unless by accident.

Carolee said...

We went to bed back to back last night, too over "who didn't put the lid on the flour right the last time" hence flour spilled ALL over when it was grabbed out of the pantry. Something silly, also!!

It always means a crappy night sleep for me and J seems relatively I decided to take 1/2 a Unisom. Worked like a charm. However, back to back is still no good :)

ericareynolds said...

What? I always tell newly married couples to go to bed MAD. It's so much better than saying a whole lot of word vomit that you will have to apologize for the next day. I hate apologizing especially when there are dirty dishes in the sink. Also, I love back to back but I'm weird like that. I know what you mean about being mad and not sleeping. I hate that. I'm taking drugs next time so I can wake up on equal footing with the hubby so I can apologize for my word vomit with a clear head. Also, tell Tod that dishes must ALWAYS be done before going to bed. It's a rule!

Ashley K. said...

Not even toes...and as close to the edge as possible.

Jon and Ali said...

Holly we should move in together since we share the "correct" dish washing schedule. Jon and Tod can live together in their own filth. Work for you?

P.S. What makes me more mad, is when he talks me out of doing nightly dishes, and promises to do them in the morning,then know the rest.

Brooke said...

Okay, 1. I'm totally with you. Dishes must be done at night. I can't wake up to dishes. It starts my whole day off wrong.

2. Tod... jerk comment. Slightly funny, but still jerk. Medal. Come on buddy. Just do the dishes.

3. I HATE going to bed mad. Peter is asleep and snoring (keeping me awake and getting madder and madder until I finally wake him up) while I'm still trying to calm down my sympathetic nervous system Fight or Flight response. I'm a fighter. It takes a while to calm down.

Point in case... do the dishes at night Tod!