Monday, June 28, 2010


We've been waiting for these two to visit for years. Like two whole years. Van and Asher are Lennon's...sort of cousins. Because their mom is my aunt. But she's my age. It's a long story but what's important is this -- these boys know how to party in Vegas.

Yes, Megan, I realize where Lennon's crotch is. And yes, he still ate his dinner off that plate.
Please don't be afraid but this is what dinner looked like every night. And no, I have no idea what Larry is eating. Looks like spaghetti and then an unidentifiable object. He'll be fine.

These pictures were taken from the swing where Ann Dee (their mom) and I sat everyday...yelling things like, "Lennon, don't spray Van in the face!" and, "Van, turn off the water!" If they listened, great. If not, we just let it go. Why get off the swing, ya know?

Does anyone else want to cry when they see Larry's face here?

I love this picture because it shows all four of the boys. Unfortunately we have no pictures to document their first night here -- have you ever seen three capable adults try to put four kids under three to bed? It only takes about two hours. All the wails and screams from each room made our house sound like some sad dog pound. Probably better without pictures. Just use your imagination. You may need a nap afterwards.

VanAsher -- please come again soon. Love L&L


sarah said...

that's a whole lot of cuteness in not many pics! they really do know how to party in vegas!

Ann Dee said...

and they've been begging begging begging to go back to wegas ever since. We love our wegas cousins.

Jason said...

no offense to all the cute kids, but is there any way you can start posting more pictures of tod?

Carol said...

LOL! Rick just called me from work to see if I'd checked your blog today. He said he was crying and rolling on the floor! Now if you can get that picture in your head ... grandpa crying & rolling on the floor ... that in itself is very disconcerting. I love the pictures!! They're having such a great time together & using the sprinkler as well. I hoped it would come in handy without the pool.

Karen said...

I'm with Jason. More Tod please!!!

ericareynolds said...

I like naked parties too. :)