Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RIP green and pink pants

Today I have good news and then very sad news.

Good news: We saw this guy on Saturday night and he was very funny and our tickets were really cheap.
More good news: It was at The Orleans. Classy joint.
Even more good news: Tod liked my earrings and told me, "Native American jewelry really looks good on you." Whatever that means, thanks!
Sad news:

Today I decided to wash my pink AND green lounge (not sweat!) pants with a huge sleeping bag that had never been washed. Result: Rust colored sleeping bag bled all over my pants. Unfortunately Tod was present when I discovered this and started making me feel better immediately.

Tod: "Why would anyone put pants in the washer with this sleeping bag?"
Me: "I know this now."
Tod: "I mean look at these pants (laughlaughlaughlaugh)...they are RUINED!"
Me: "Yeah. I know."
Tod: "If I were you, I would've set this load to COLD water not HOT water!"
Me: "Tod, get out."
Tod: (holding up the pants) "Check this out! They're totally stained!"
Me: "Do you have a job?"
Tod: "Yes. I'm working from home today."
Me: "Then pretend you're at work."
Tod: "Okay, Felicia (girl from work). Don't be sad, Felicia. We'll get you some new pants, Felicia. Awwww, Felicia, don't cry."

I will not disclose whether or not I cried over these pants but if I have, it's only because they favorite. And I should've known better. Pictures of ruined pants may or may not be coming...I need time to heal first.


Meegan said...

Felicia, as funny as this may not be for you, it's entertaining for me. Because I've done brilliant things like that. too often. And then wished I had someone to blame it on. I need to teach Keats how to do laundry for that very reason. I mean what are kids for, if not to be scapegoats... right?
haven't you recently retired ANOTHER pair of pink pants? maybe owning pink pants just isn't in the cards for you. try chartreuse!

Lindsey and David said...

why not save them? There's nothing wrong with rust colored pants.

sarah said...

i cried today over ruined pants as well. maybe i was crying more because i'm on an emotional roller coaster right now...but whatever, i cried after i saw the ruined pants! :o)

Unknown said...

Ok go to this website.
They are currently out of the Carbona Color Run Remover ($3) but you can set an email alert when more arrives. I haven't tried myself yet but plan to very soon. I washed new beach towels with my good towels. Not a good idea. Good luck.

Carol said...

When we visit, you're always wearing those pink pants around the house ... I think of Holly and I think of those pink lounge pants ... without them, you've really lost a big part of YOU! I understand how devastated you must be. I'll be on the lookout for a new pair ... but they probably won't "feel" the same. Sorry Holly.