Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama

I turned 28 last week. I'll spare you details that you really don't care about but I will include the one detail you SHOULD care about. What Lennon did for my birthday. Picture journal:

Look familiar? That's because he did this LAST WEEK, TOO. Some people give material gifts, others send e-cards, most people make a phone call for someone's birthday.
Not my son. He wanted to give me a present that MEANT something.
[I had more pictures but they were way too graphic to post on a public blog.]


mandy* said...

Your poop posts make me want to keep Cohen in onesies forever.

mandy* said...

P.S. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

You don't consider these too graphic?


mistyp said...

What a kind, sweet child you have! ;)

Emily said...

Is that poop? It looks like Lennon has the runs.......maybe too much jet dry?.....just a thought :) Happy Birthday

Jon and Ali said...

I was thinking of buying those very sheets the other day....ummm....I don't think I want them anymore.