Wednesday, May 25, 2016

post on mom

Ann Dee, this is for you AND for Grandma AND of course, for my mom.

My mom was present when all four of my babies were born.  I have memories of each but I'll never forget when Ruby was born.  It was April 5th when we checked into the hospital and I was uncomfortable and in a lot of pain.  When I arrived they told me I was at a 5 and would probably have this baby within a couple hours.  A couple hours turned into a few hours and soon it was 1 am and still no baby.  The room was FREEZING and Tod finally fell asleep on a chair next to me.  My mom found a blanket and stayed up with me for awhile but eventually fell asleep as well.  I remember that dark hospital room, ice cold, monitors beeping.  Next to me my sleeping husband and across from me my sleeping mom.  My sleeping mom who had been here before.  Who had been in labor, in the newborn sleepless night phase, who had raised small children into teenagers and who now had four adult kids.  I was so thankful to have her right there, sleeping near me.  I watched Gone with the Wind that night by myself while they slept.  Throughout the night she'd wake up and ask me if I was okay or if anything had changed.  By morning....still no baby.  She didn't dare leave for breakfast because she didn't want to miss anything.  And she was standing right next to me when my stomach started to change shapes and I told her to look and we both said, THAT BABY IS FLIPPING OVER!  And Ruby was flipping over.  As soon as she did, the contractions came closer and harder and pretty soon the nurse announced I was at a 10 PLUS.  This is when bright lights are wheeled in and the room fills with nurses and the doctor shows up and starts talking to Tod and it became very hectic.  I will never forget, though, this quiet feeling I had inside and how the thought of my dad came rushing to my head.  I mentioned this to my mom and it seemed like all noise went away for a minute as he told my little girl goodbye.  I felt him there as I looked right at my mom.

 The room became very quiet as they dimmed the ceiling lights and the doctor told me to push.  It felt like everyone was whispering and there was no drama or panic.  After a few pushes, he held up a baby and I saw that it was my first girl.  My only daughter.  And I looked over at my mom and she had tears streaming down her face.  Ruby was the best most spectacular surprise of my life and my mom was there for it. I will always be grateful.  Happy Mother's Day to the incredible women in my life.

Thanks Ann Dee xoxoxo

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kklowell said...

Thank you Holly. I love you!