Thursday, December 3, 2015

hiking sans kids

In high school Saturdays were all about me sleeping in.  Maybe I had some chores but then the rest of the day and night I could do what I wanted.

In college Saturdays were all about me sleeping in.  Then they were about getting my laundry done, grocery shopping for my food for the next week, and maybe going out on a date that night.

As newlyweds, Saturdays were all about us sleeping in.  About movie marathons (one time we dragged a blow up mattress into our living room for two straight days of Six Feet Under), two hours at the gym, lunches out and then of course dinner out because who cooks?

Saturdays with kids are none of these things.

So we decided to get a sitter and head to Mt. Charleston with Eric and Ruth.  I felt guilty leaving the kids until I told them they were going to have a sitter and they all started high-fiving.

Mt. Charleston is only about 25 minutes away and home of the OLDEST TREES IN THE WORLD.  Yes you read that correctly.  Go look it up.

So RIP what Saturdays used to look like and thank you to the Nelsons for the reminder xoxo

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