Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter to 2013

Dear 2013,

Thank you for a positive year.  We have seen hard times (see letter to 2010) so a year of normal life is much appreciated.  Although you began with horrible tragedy in a dear friend's life which has changed us forever, we have hugged our kids a little more and have (tried to) let the small stuff slide.  We've also found strength watching pain turn into faith and miracles and happy change. We've also added these three ladies to our immediate family.

You also took our sweet, perfect baby girl and replaced her with a fiery, opinionated, sassy, mother-obsessed little Ruby.  She can be mean as a snake.  Those months that she decided to hit everyone in the face repeatedly have passed and now she just yells NO! at everything and walks around the house looking for me all day.  As I type I am quietly hiding from her while she watches a movie.  I can hear her asking the boys where I am.  Shhhhhhhhh...

You turned my little boys into little men.  Suddenly they're reading books, asking real questions, and each have about three girlfriends.  Lennon reads music and plays the piano. Larry rides a bike. While I love seeing them change I can't believe they're not my babies anymore.  It's surreal.

You've also blessed us with baby #4.  Seven weeks of pure nausea have passed and now I'm just trying not to cry during movies (have you watched the ending of Teen Wolf lately?  He didn't need to be a wolf to win that championship was in him all along!) or die of migraines.  Thankful for a healthy body and healthy baby. 

Also thankful for a husband who gets into my car for the first time in weeks and exclaims, "Whoooooaaaaa!  What happened in HERE?  Who spilled the Goldfish everywhere?  These are GROUND into the FLOOR!  And what is this (pulling out a wipe)?  DRIED MILK?  Holly, how are you letting all this happen? Is this a sippy cup with ROTTEN MILK IN IT?"  He would be a much better mom than I.  I just try to sit back and soak in all his wisdom and experience...I have so much to learn.  Luckily his knowledge is endless...

Finally, thank you for a few miracles.  A turn around in my family that wasn't expected.  Some good news for Tod's sisters and husbands.  Maybe some new babies in 2014. 

Speaking of 2014, please be kind.  I'm scared of four kids...let it be okay.  Keep things smooth.  See you Wednesday.

- H

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