Monday, December 30, 2013

holidays + hormones = our house

I have been pregnant over the holidays four times.  It feels like deja vu.
 Running family 5K pregnant with kids in tow?  Been there.  Twice.  My boys made it about a mile and then I dragged them the other 2.1.  Which I believe is harder than running.
 Tod came in 2nd? 3rd? last time but not this year.  Oh no.  He sprinted that last half mile and beat Uncle Joe who is 50 but very fit.  Nice one Tod.
 We are desert people now so yes my boys were equipped with parkas while everyone else wore t-shirts.  We could even see our breath which was new.
 Dinner at the Homestead in Midway, UT.  So beautiful.  So easy to show up, fill up your plate, eat, then fill it up again.  Then go home and no mess.  I think I'm done cooking Thanksgiving dinners. 
 Bowling afterwards where my kids sort of ran wild and Tommy and Shantay tied with 68s.  They are meant to be.
 We took the boys to see the temple lights on our last night.  This never gets old to me because the beauty of the temple mixed with Christmas lights makes me so happy.  We only lost Larry once.  And no Ruby wasn't invited because I'm not kidding...that girl wears me out.  Plus they got to ride Trax with cousins and watch Frozen.  I'm so happy people love that movie but I will never, ever say I like it when characters converse in song.  Just SPEAK!  Stop SINGING!  Towards the end they started singing again so I just left and wandered around in the hallway.  Don't buy me tickets to a musical.
And I didn't think that snowman was funny at all.  Sue me.
Christmas has also come and I have very few pictures to prove it.  Here's why - we spent the entire week throwing up.  It started with Larry, quickly transferred to Lennon (about five minutes apart) then hit me Christmas morning and Tod Christmas night.  On Christmas Eve I felt fine as Tod and I enjoyed roast and potatoes while the boys ate a cracker each.  We devoured Crème Brulee French toast in the morning with bacon and oranges and I was feeling great...until suddenly I wasn't. 
Glad we are all feeling better now...bring on 2014.

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IronLawGirl said...

You didn't like Frozen?? You're dead inside!

Just kidding, I haven't even see it. ;)

I miss you guys!