Thursday, September 12, 2013

lennon goes to school

When Lennon was a baby I'd drive by the park, look at all the bigger kids playing, walking, riding bikes...
I told myself, "This baby is never growing up.  It seems impossible."
It is happening. 
After a long summer of hot days, school finally started.  And this year Lennon became a kindergartener.  Is that a real word.
Ate banana pancakes for breakfast and was dressed in .5 seconds.
Look at that sweet face.
 We walked him to school his first day.  Larry was happy at first.  See that?  Happy kid.  Shark helmet.
 They rode together.  Still happy.
 We arrived at the school...Lennon started looking a little worried.
 But still really excited.
 Found our good friend Caleb...happy.
 Lennon and Mama -- happy
 And then they lined up to go to class.  Larry...not happy.  Larry...entering depression. Larry...the beginning of his worst behavior in years. 

That week Larry threw more tantrums, had more meltdowns, told me he hated me, colored on the walls, colored on the doors, poured lemonade all over the kitchen floor...
He was really sad.  His best buddy was gone.
Luckily, preschool started the next week.  He's been happy since.  Change can be so hard.  Especially when you're four.
Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not more sentimental.  Or caring.  When my kids fall down and cry I stay where I'm seated and tell them to get up.  When they tell me so and so was rude or said this mean thing today, I just tell them to get new friends.  Or walk away.  Who cares, I tell them.  And when my firstborn leaves me for the first time in six years, I give him a high five and walk away.  There were moms there bawling; a part of me wished I could but the tears wouldn't come. 

School is cool -- he's going to do great.


Kari Heaps said...

You are so funny. Really. Thank goodness I have you as a sister!

Erica said...

Man he's a handsome kid. Erica was SO ready for Camryn to start school. I am interested to see how your emotions change, or if they do, with Ruby. I feel the same way about boys, and my girls for the most part, but holding Camryn's hand as I walked her to class the first time, I totally choked up. It's so weird to be where our parents were. I think I won't be as sentimental with boys, but girls seem so fragile and vulnerable.


Tiffany said...

I bet all the pathetic crying moms wished they were more like you ;) And I bet his teacher thinks you're awesome. When I taught kindergarten, we couldn't STAND the crying moms and we talked crap about them after the classroom doors closed ;)