Thursday, August 29, 2013

red rock rain

The Saturday before school started I announced that we were hiking at Red Rock for the day...put your shoes on. 
We're leaving. 
In five.
An hour later we were out the door.
 The morning had been sunny so we put on clothes ready for rays.  However, the drive out looked like this. ^^^
 The parking lot looked like this. ^^^
 So the picnic I packed for our hike was eaten like this.
 Finally the rain slowed down so Tod had the boys put their hands in a pile and scream WEVER!  on was time to hike...and the rain started up again.  Hard.
 When it slowed again, it was a wind sprint up the trail.  We were going to hike, dammit.

 She's cute in the wind, huh.
Storm clouds over Red Rock are unreal. 
Perfect day for hiking except the lightening.  And thunder.  And rain.  And...I think...maybe a few drops of hail.


Kari Heaps said...

That picture of you and Ruby is the cutest picture on the face of this planet!

Ryan Smart said...

I really enjoyed seeing the gigantic Soft Cup, 12 Hour Protection female condom ad on your blog-I'm pretty sure it was a sign for us to not have any more kids.

I also love you guys.