Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last week we headed to Utah for a baptism (does anyone have pictures to send me?), baby blessing, and cooooooooooler weather.
Tod and I ate this many pistachios before St. George.  Salt N Pepper Pistachios at Costco -- get that.
We also stopped at Swig like every other Mormon person has done on our way.  I mean, it was good...but I'm not going to take pictures of those cookies and post them anytime soon.  Overrated ya'll.
 Ruby makes it to Grandma's.  Rules the house as usual.

 She sported one of many hats made by Grandma KK as well.  And this seahorse outfit may be my favorite right now.
 Visit with Grandpa Larry who immediately gave each boy a Dove ice cream bar.  Almonds, not peanuts for Larry.
 Provo local
 After baby Sam's blessing we headed to Park City for the rest of the week.  Park City in the summertime is heavenly.

 Larry really, really hated this particular picture

We love visiting Utah in the summertime because there are FLOWERS and RAIN and LIGHTENING and GARDENS.  Thank you Grandma KK for all your hospitality.


IronLawGirl said...

Those pistachios! Yes. Please.

And I already am looking forward to next summer, and Park City with our Wevers!

Ann Dee said...

Love you guys and I've never heard of SWIG. I am so out of it.