Sunday, August 11, 2013


This is my baby sister Kristi.  Her real name is Kristine Mae but most people call her Kristi and I call her Sissy.  When she calls Tod's phone it says Kristi Lou Hoo is calling.
She is one minute younger than her twin, Kari.
She once peed her pants on command for five bucks.
She was on the varsity basketball team as a freshman.
I loved watching her play.
She's very beautiful.
As a kid she had a bowl haircut that she never wanted curled.
I walked her to and from school everyday her kindergarten year.
One time she (and Kari) spray painted their best friend Carter after tying him to a tree.
Another time they set a barn on fire.
Growing up, Kristi and I used to tease Kari until she cried.
Then Tommy started teasing Kristi until she cried.
Then I left for college and my mom said everyone got along better.
Taken Aug. 4, 2013
Dad's grave
Last week we hung out with Sissy Sue.  She has been struggling but has decided to make her life better.  Tomorrow her official recovery begins.  We are praying for and support her.  We want her around.
She's a favorite with my kids.  She'll always go down slides, jump off high dives and take them for walks.  Kid heaven.

Except for this picture where she's smiling and beautiful but holding a hot mess.  Sorry about the photo bomb.
One night we picked up some ice cream and flowers and headed to Dad's grave.  It rests next to a huge Weeping Willow surrounded by beautiful mountains.  I told her about the ministering of angels.  How I believe that those we love surround us after their physical death and protect us. I've felt my dad's strength.  I hope she'll feel him too. 
 I believe he'll be right next to her if she allows it.

We love you Sissy Sue.  Come home safely.