Wednesday, April 10, 2013

yankee doodle: stop the abuse

Today I looked over at our turtle (Yankee Doodle) in his "habitat."
Lately he's seemed really depressed.  This morning he was actually trying to scale the walls of his Amazon box home and escape.  He wanted out.  Even though we used a BBQ grate to keep the birds away.  Even though we sometimes remember to give him water.  Even though his box almost blew away last night so I let him sleep inside.  Ungrateful turtle.
The weird thing about this story is that I hate animals.  Go ahead and feel offended but I don't believe animals and humans need to mix.  I know you love your dog and your sick, smelly cat...but I'd rather clean up after people. Less fur, less smell, less sneezing.
I still wanted to help the turtle.  He requires very little contact and stays outside.  We drove out to the desert.
 Dug up some rocks and dirt.

 The boys even gave me my own pink shovel to match my pants.
I loaded it into the car singlehandedly.  I hope there were no witnesses.  My back still hurts.
And now Yankee Doodle is quietly sitting in a pile of dirt.  Guilt is gone.
Good luck little fella.  You're on your own now. 
PS.  Still no yelling.


KelliJamison said...

See, you are an animal lover deep deep down. Turtles are the gateway animal to a dog:)

Oh, and happy birthday to your sweet little Ruby...she is such a cute little peanut!

Missy said...

I thought I was the only non-animal lover out there. It seriously takes a lot for me to even see a picture of an animal and think it is "cuuuuuute." My kids love animals, especially Finley. She will let a dog lick her face all day long, and it grosses me out and I have to take her home and scrub her down.

MediocreMama said...

Haha Kelli nice try. There is no gateway pet for this girl. And once this turtle grows...he may need another home.

Missy, I'm the same way. People who think their animals are clean are sorely mistaken. You're not alone.

Jamie said...

lol! I feel the SAME way about animals! I love how you phrased it :)