Friday, April 26, 2013

i am 32 plus a proof of purchase bandit on the loose

I was in California last weekend when Tod texted me:
Another proof of purchase...gone.
 Around Thanksgiving time we started noticing we were missing Proofs of Purchases on our cereal boxes.  I'd ask Tod if he'd done it...he'd ask me if I'd done it...we'd stare at the kids wondering why they'd do it.  No answers.  And now we've noticed another one -- GONE.  Unless there is some kind of POP bandit on the loose, it's someone we know.  Will the guilty party holding the scissors please stand up?  It's more out of curiosity now than anything else. 
 Other news: Tod and the boys concocted a bird trap this week.  The string runs into the house so that when a bird goes underneath for seeds, one pull and it's trapped.  They've assured me it's only to observe the bird then release.  Because heaven knows we have one too many animals around here (more on that HERE)...
 I've officially moved all Lego activity and pieces into our garage.  Because HOW ELSE DOES ONE KEEP TRACK OF LEGOS AND KEEP THEM FROM ENTERING THE MOUTH OF BABES?  I can be heard several times everyday saying: JUST GO PLAY IN THE GARAGE. 
Bar's getting real low around here.
This little one just wants to play.  So badly.
Card: Courtesy of Tod
 Also news: I turned 32 on Wednesday.  We celebrated by eating out. As a family.  On a week night.  It was fun.

And finally -- little Ruby melts me.


IronLawGirl said...

Ruby is a doll!
Happy birthday, Thunder Down Under, here we come!

shana said...

Totally looks like they are clipping out the box tops for education. Does someone's school collect those? Looks like they have good skills. :) Happy Birthday!

The Clark Family said...

That was me. Sorry for the confusion. ;) I cut those out when we visited last.

The Clark Family said...

Grant's school collects box tops for education.

Ann Dee said...

I want your child. all of them but especially that baby girl.