Friday, January 4, 2013

december in pictures

 Ruby wanted nothing to do with cleaning the church.  Those hands haven't seen a hard day's work yet.
 Christmas ties from Grandma KK.  Dead tree as backdrop.
 Larry takes two treats at his preschool party instead of choosing.
 More wrestling and another 2nd place medal for this one.
 Larry gives me the silent treatment because I won't let him open his window when it's 40 degrees outside.  The kid likes a good breeze.
 Two boys, scary eyes.
 Park outfit
 Christmas breakfast
 Santa at ward breakfast.  He was pretty into me.
 This year's ornaments.  My mom gave us new ornaments each Christmas Eve that reminded her of us that year.  Here were ours for 2012. 
My two babies with Santa

In 10 years of being married, we'd never spent Christmas at home.  We've always traveled to see family.  This year it was so fun to not worry about packing, wrapping, hiding gifts, gas money, hotels, suitcase living, sleep schedules, was just us.  We got to sleep in, stay up late, leave if we wanted, stay home if we wanted.  So little stress and the kids loved having their toys at home and playing all day. 

We love our families but staying home is the way to go. 

Next post: We actually had New Year's plans 


Fae said...

I'm curious as to the name change for little Lux. Is "Ruby" a cover?

MediocreMama said...

Fae, Ruby is just her nickname :) We use both.

Jessica Davis said...

larry's body language in the silent treatment picture killed me. what a funny kid!