Tuesday, December 11, 2012

busy weekend

 Thursday we made cookies with Max
 Friday these two snuggled.  Also Friday in the car I got the same song request that I get every single day of my life, "MOMMMM!  We want to listen to Talking Heads' Psycho Killer....PLEEEEEEAAAASE!!!"
To which I always reply,
"Okay but remember...we don't say 'psycho killer' anywhere but in the car."
 Ruby's been rocking jeggings, NBD
 My good friend Kayla made her this bow and many others.  I die every time I see her in feathers.
 Friday night was the Live Nativity and me dropping my phone between the bleachers.  Also a picture with zero kids looking.  The nativity was beautiful.  I think we should ban presents, malls, and all the other Christmas noise and get back to basics.  The first Christmas was not this stressful.  It was calm and simple.  Although I still want some new boots but after that...no more presents.
 Saturday brought Lennon's first wrestling tournament.  Tod is helping coach at the Cimarron HS Youth Program and even though they practice every night, I didn't realize he was learning anything.  He pinned the kid in his first match and even scored some points.  I was in total shock as I filmed and then later Tod said he would teach me how to REALLY film.  GMAB.
Lost his second match but took it like a champ...found the kid later and shook his hand saying, "Good job."  Made me happier than his pin.
 Proud coach and his wrestlers
 Saturday night was Tod's work party at BJs where Larry wrapped the cord of a booster chair around his neck so a server started yelling, "WHO IS HIS MOTHER??? WHO IS THIS KID'S MOM?!"  Calm down lady, I got this.
 Ruby rocked these sparkles at church on Sunday and I was really glad I had a girl.
Larry's prayer Sunday night went something like this:
"Thankful for Baby Jesus that he turns into the real Jesus...thankful for Baby God who turns into the real God....thankful for lions, king of the beasts..."
And finally Sunday night our friends Aaron and Lauren dropped these off.  I didn't get them until after my run Monday morning where I spent the better part of an hour recommitting to better eating.  Got home and these were on my porch.  Conversation Monday evening:

Tod: Where are those shortbread/carmel/chocolate bars?
Me: Gone.
Tod: What about the chocolate pretzels?
Me: There aren't any left.
Tod: Did you save any ginger cookies?
Me: No.
Tod: Did the boys eat any of this?
Me: Not important.


Ryan Smart said...

You're right, the first christmas wasn't stressful...except the fact that they couldn't find anywhere to birth so they did it in a dirty barn. Even then, he still got presents of gold. I think we've really come a long way. That being said, I'm over Santa and we just started. Lying to my children and having to remember to hide that damn elf every night is not peaceful. Also I want a lot of new things, but it's not like Christmas because I realize I have to pay for them, which is why I just buy myself stuff throughout the year.

elle Padgett said...

oh my gosh, I laughed OUT LOUD this whole post. You seriously have the most adorably perfectly imperfect life ever. I love hearing the stories of your kids and satan trees-- it reminds me to look for more humor in my life.

elle Padgett said...

ps don't judge my english in the last post...

IronLawGirl said...

Eww. Seriously Holly? You ate a plate full of calories? I hope it was at least before 3:00.

I've learned to hurry and hide all treats so I don't get those accusing comments, and I don't have to admit my gluttony.

Carol said...

Love the pics of my darling grandkids ... they are so cute. You & Tod do "good work"! This is dumb I know ... but am trying to keep up w/you young people. What does "rocking jeggings NBD" mean?