Friday, April 13, 2012

this is why

I always wanted a girl. People said no I didn't...too much drama, too many outfits, too many Barbies, too much crying.  I still wanted one.  I wanted dance classes, braids, paper dolls, pink swimsuits.  Later I want a daughter who CALLS ME from college because she WANTS TO, someone to cook Thanksgiving dinner with, someone to lay on my bed and watch trash TV.

 Then this morning I looked outside to find this.  This...the same mess I clean up every minute of my life.  The hole that must be dug next to our BBQ.  The boys' favorite pasttime. 

I said under my breath, "This is why I wanted a girl."
 Not that I don't love raising boys.  I adore them.  They are so funny and so simple. Like Larry at Ross with my mom yesterday...some nice lady approached them and told Larry what a handsome boy he was! and Larry responded, "Poop."
See? Simple.  But still.
 Already Lux is such a break from wrestling and climbing and light sabers and Karate kicks.  I feel like I have someone on my team.  I picture us saying someday, "You guys have fun camping.  We're going to get pedicures and dinner.  See ya."

What a nice surprise.


Wilder Family said...

Ha Ha, so true. She is adorable! Congrats again.

Lauren Green said...
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Lauren Green said...

Lux makes me want another baby girl. She is so beautiful. And girls really are amazing. Girls nights (complete with nail polish and a chick flick) are already popular at our house. As is walking through the kid's dresses at Target so that she can whisper, "It's beautiful." as she strokes the fabric on every. single. one.

Ryan Smart said...

I will take a picture of my daughter's closet. It looks like your backyard only pink. This happens everyday because she doesn't want just ANY outfit. I often look at all the dad's in priesthood session with their sons and think I'm going to sit alone forever. However she does tell me I'm beautiful and handsome everyday while smothering me in kisses and she'll get married and want to stay closer to us. A daughter is a daughter for life, a son is only a son til he finds a wife. Can't wait to hold her.

alana said...

I love this post! It makes me smile (several times a day) that you have yourself a girl!!! I am so beyond, completelly flattered when I see her full name spelled out. I CAN'T WAIT to meet her. Love you, Love you!