Thursday, March 22, 2012

i'm pregnant?

I've discovered the perfect remedy for feeling nine months pregnant. It's called bronchitis.
The picture Tod advised me not to post.
Me: "Why, because I look ugly or because it looks like I'm smoking something?"
Tod: "It's a combination."
Actually a picture of the breathing treatments I've had to do so I can breathe again.  I'm not ashamed.
See, when you get bronchitis and you're 38 weeks pregnant, suddenly your former aches start blending with body aches and fever. Your huge belly that kept you breathless before now blends with the fact that you can hardly breathe at all. Sleepless nights are now not just because of size but also headache and chills.
My view for the last six days

 Love notes from a very concerned Lennon ("Mom, when you cough it scares I don't want to get it from you.")

 St. Patricks Day came and went.  Pretty sure Tod hung out with the boys but who knows.  I was asleep.

A few other things happened while I was in bed all week.  For starters, Larry converted to Jehovah's Witness.

Some JW missionaries knocked on our door and left us this magazine.  He's dragged it everywhere with him for seven days.  Browsing through it in the yard, taking it with him to the bathroom, perusing it before bed. 

Larry studies his magazine while Lennon plays Memory...with himself.

Larry also started enjoying broccoli.  Which is a little concerning considering he wouldn't eat anything that was green for about 18 months.  Big step.

But this morning I woke up and finally felt like myself again.  Drove Lennon to school with the music blasting because Hey!  I'm out of my house!  Came home and started cleaning up the kitchen then decided maybe I'd do that after I rested for awhile...

Before I got sick I fantasized about not being pregnant and all the things I wanted to do.  Backbends.  Sprints.  Jumping on the trampoline. Sleeping on my back then flipping onto my stomach.  Now I want to do all those things but also add taking Ibuprofen, NyQuil, and any other cold medicine my heart desires.  Maybe even all at once if I feel so inclined.  While jumping on the trampoline.  Wearing normal jeans. 

Two more weeks.


IronLawGirl said...

Boo!!! I'm trying to think of something positive to say.. and I can't.

Except that I can't even jump on the trampoline when I'm not pregnant. (ok, physically I can, but I can't if I don't want to pee my pants, and oh ya, that was something Gwen felt she needed to yell to her class while I was helping at school.)

Nancy said...

Um not to take away from your pregnancy misery (boy am I glad those days are over) but I love very much those kitchen chairs of yours.