Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Canada,

You took my best buddy.

But luckily we got to spend one more day with Monet before she became Canadian, eh?

Girls are so so so different than boys. For example, we've never dealt with static hair on Lennon or Larry. Or Tod...

Monet looked like this the entire time she was at our house. I was dying.

These two don't know it, but they spent a lot of their first year the park, at church, at lunch (Olive Garden mostly) and at crap craft stores when Megan made us go....
They also don't know that I held Monet when she was only hours old. And how Megan was the first person I called when my water broke with Lennon (it was 5 am). Or how I brought homemade cinnamon rolls to Megan when she had Scarlett and she brought homemade brownies to me when I had Larry. We know each other well.
And finally, this was so perfect. Each of them had a bag of M&Ms and wanted to eat them. So naturally, Monet asked me, "Could I please have a bowl?" and before I could even say yes, Lennon's M&Ms were all over the place. That is exactly how these two roll.
And then Lennon felt a little ashamed and asked for a bowl, too. See? He's not a TOTAL animal...he's even using a spoon.
Canada, please take good care of the Petersons for us. We miss them.


Anonymous said...

This brought a tear to my eye. Thanks Holly. I miss you. Canada is treating us good so far.

Lisa McIntyre said...


Laisa said...

I'm so, so sorry your friend is gone.

Mesha said...

Holly! So sad Megan had to move! I am sure it broke your heart! When you get to lonely you and your fam are always welcome in STG!