Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm probably quitting Facebook again

I have said this before (see HERE) but Facebook is annoying.  It is not sincere, it is not accurate, it is not reality.  I use it primarily because I'm 500 miles away from any family members and many of my closest friends live on the other side of the country.  I enjoy keeping up with them.  But for the love of Christmas, if I could have one wish it would be for people to be real on Facebook or to just shut up altogether.  And for my kids to never, ever scream or fight.  That was one wish split into two parts.
Unrelated picture I posted on FB...I've been mourning the days when I could wear/look acceptable in jeans.  Unfortunately that night I forgot a status update: "Night with Garth Brooks and the hubby at the Wynn...doesn't get much better than that!!!!"
My friend Catherine posted this article on (what else) Facebook today and I appreciated the validation.  I realize it's my fault for looking, it's my fault for reading, it's MY FAULT I'm on there.  It's like annoying blogs I read...I told Tod about one particular story (which I will not reveal here but call me and I'll tell you all about it) I read on a popular blog this week and his response was:

"That is annoying.  But it's even more annoying that you read that blog."

True, so true.

Tod also says tabloid magazines and blogs are like girl porn.  Which I also agree with...while they're not necessarily filthy or full of distasteful images, they do waste my time, they do leave me feeling worse than before (how many blogs have you been referred to about a couple who lost their baby/toddler/four year old in an accidental drowning/choking/car accident?) but I always come back for more.  Why WHY WHYYYYYY?

I realize many of us are voyeurs by nature and want glimpses into others' lives.  Which is why Facebook/blog "stalking" makes even less sense...they do not represent reality.  They're glossed over or sometimes completely fabricated versions of a person's existence.

I'm thinking about quitting Facebook for good.  Who's with me?  Think of all the books we'll read, the laundry we'll fold, the board games we'll play with our kids and the new recipes we can try...or we can complain about it a lot and act like we're better than it then spend another hour browsing people's photo albums...either way.

I'd say more but I need to upload this blog post to Facebook.


Missy said...

I couldn't agree more. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I get tired of people "checking in" at the gym, having fights with friends over who is the "hottest" or who and their husband make the cutest couple, political rants, guilt trips to re-post something...Did I miss anything?

Ann Dee said...

cam agrees about the people magazines being girl porn. Especially because when he walks in the room I hurry to click it off. Like i don't want him to know i"m reading about KK and her 72 day marriage and then he'll find out how shallow I am.

Why am I reading your blog? I'm such a voyeur.

Also, I agree with you about facebook but sometimes it's nice to post something out of frustration then get validation from other people. Of course on the flip side, how would it's always a downer when you post something like: What does everyone like about me? Go! And then . . . nothing.

MediocreMama said...

Missy, exactly. I don't care.

Ann Dee, not many have done the "what does everyone like about me" post and I'm sorry it didn't work out for you when you did...

Jenstew75 said...

I left Facebook almost two months ago. It took a week for anyone to notice - but I only had 461 "friends" anyway. ;) The first two days were sad... okay... first week. BUT GUESS WHAT?! I DID exactly what you wrote. I cleaned up my house, I painted my living room, my kids are happier and we even made some craft flowers that I found on Pinterest (very uplifting replacement to FB). My new motto is "more Facetime". I'm actually happier today than I was two months ago with all those "friends". My real friends know what I'm going through and they are working on keeping up with me via phone or email/text. I think it's one of the best choices I've made in a long time.

MediocreMama said...

Jenstew75...your story is inspiring. I'd love to someday say I've done the same. Life is too short to waste it on FB which is why I don't get why I'm still on there...