Friday, November 18, 2011


A few disturbing items today:

Tod asked me to run a Craigslist ad for a new office leasing agent. The results were scary.  Does anyone here graduate from high school?

This particular applicant whose user name was pimpinthesehoez and email was offered a puzzling objective:

Seeking to obtain a full time position result oriented individual dedicated to receiving

customer satisfaction as well as meeting or suppressing company expectations.
We weren't looking for anyone to receive customer satisfaction nor do we want anyone suppressing our expectations so I had to pass. Maybe next time, Pimpinthesehoez.  Maybe next time.
Next on my list -- my rear now sticks out as much as my belly.  Did this happen last time?  Don't answer that.

20 week belly
Also a couple weeks ago in the car, Michael Jackson's PYT came on the radio and I turned it up.  Tod immediately changed the station.  I was a little bugged but became fully irritated when his station surfing ended on Grease's "You're the One That I Want" instead. Just when I think I know someone...
Speaking of Michael Jackson, I've introduced Lennon to his music.  While listening to Billie Jean yesterday, Lennon asked me where he is now.
Me: Michael Jackson actually died.
Lennon: Did he get sick like Papa?
Me: No, he took too much medicine.
Lennon: Has he met Papa yet?
Me: haha I hope so that would be cool.
Lennon: Would he have liked me and Larry?
Me: [pause] [pause] [pause] Why are you asking me that?
Lennon: I just want to know...would he have liked little boys like us?
Me: You know what, they say he did, so.............yes.


KelliJamison said...

Awesome. Everything.

Tommy Lowell said...
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Christina said...

I am laughing so hard right now about the whole MJ conversation. Hilarious.

Ryan Smart said...

I love this post. My favorite thing when I reviewed resumes at a book store and bank was reading what actual human beings would say in complete seriousness. I had an email of I'm sure she had great customer service. There was also a spot that asked if you had any other name. One applicant put, "dark dragon". So...did you want me to call you Dark Dragon or just Jesse for this interview?

Yes Michael did love little boys-good answer.