Sunday, October 9, 2011

don't spear a shark

because apparently it's illegal.  Even if you have a fishing license.  I know this because Tod spent the week lobster diving here.  During one particular dive he was paired up with a tow truck driver-diver who told him to "Spear that shark!" so he did and then surfaced.  This is when everyone on the boat yelled, "YOU DON'T SPEAR A SHARK!" so he let it go.

Tod and what appears to be a woman and an island with him

Meanwhile, as he was diving for lobsters and eating three catered squares a day I was holding up the fort and even sprung for movie night on Friday:

Lennon: But Mom, why are we renting all princess movies?
Me: Because Dad's out of town.  Get in the car.

Mom even had her own movie night after the boys went to sleep which involved melting chocolate chips in a bowl and dipping Nilla wafers.  When the wafers ran out, I finished off the rest with my fingers. 


I didn't mind sending him alone on the trip until I saw this video.  Now I have to go.

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Ryan Smart said...

Have you never gone deep sea fishing? we need to go. Granted I always went in Ensenada Mexico and now you probably won't get back alive. It's a lot of fun. Tod should have called I need a fishing trip-all I ever get to watch are princess movies.