Wednesday, August 3, 2011

and the winner is...

...going to be announced tomorrow.  Most likely.  If you've quit your job and spent this week waiting by the computer for results your wait is almost over.  It's time to get tan.  Enter if you haven't.

Meanwhile, we're with family celebrating this Friday's nuptials between my sister and her love, Eric. We call them Karic.  We've eaten good food and spent a lot of time with family and friends.  I've even reunited with my long lost lover from Canada...see you at dinner tonight, Megan.  And BTW both my boys are officially in love with Alana but who can blame them?

I love weddings.  Even though I wouldn't go back to my first year married but that's a whole other post.

Megan -- back in the USA

My boys and Megan's girls

Karic...almost married

Alana and boyfriend #1

Katy and Shantay plus the cookies my mom made for the shower...we have extras if you want one.  Otherwise Lennon will probably keep eating them for every meal.

Alana and boyfriend #2...when she showed up he told her, "I was waiting for you!"

Grandma, Larry and Mom
Grandma Jewel and me

Some homeless man off the street with my grandma

Len and Grandma
Until tomorrow...


Amy Bolyard said...

I forgot to get one of those cookies. I'm pissed.

Jon and Ali said...

Um...What happened to Tod's eye!!!!

alana said...

So fun to see you... and my boyfriends! Your kids are the coolest ever... and already have great taste in women :) Loved seeing you and the kids!