Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a fun anecdote

Things around here have been pretty good but there was one day last week when I just about lost my mind.  Rock bottom for the day came when I loaded the boys into our black, 150 degree car for the third time.  Seatbelts scorching their skin and air too thick to breathe.  I proudly presented them both with drinks I'd packed that morning.  You're welcome.

Lennon took one sip of his drink and spit sprayed it all over MY seat.  Of all the seats.  Because he didn't want this drink he wanted that drink, Mom!  Uh uh.

I climbed into that saliva soaked seat and breathed for a second.  Both boys were in the back screaming for different reasons.  Loud.  Crowded parking lot so I couldn't do my pinching/scary face thing to Lennon that usually works in the car.  Instead I whispered the only words I could think of:

"God, please do not let me kill my children...."

Which is when Lennon wailed:
"Ohhhhh Larrrrrrry, now she's gonna KILL US!  WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

In lighter news, Larry had his blood drawn yesterday.  I wouldn't recommend it for any sweet two year old.


Christina said...

I've prayed those exact words so many times that I don't think He takes me seriously anymore. But some days, it's all you can do. I love Lennon's response!

Kari Beth said...

CUTE HAIRCUT LARRY! Oh poor thing.