Saturday, June 25, 2011


Drove through Reno yesterday. A few highlights:

* gusts of wind that made me disturbingly (word?) aware of a new cavity.

* a gas station bathroom with pee all over the walls. I smelled it before I saw it, p.s.

* me, driving through a winding deer infested mountain pass laying on the horn to avoid hitting any. Tod laughed until he saw how effective my technique was.

* Tod had to stop at Best Buy for a cord and also bought me a Garth Brooks CD. I was in the mood for some the country.

* a 1 am discussion on Garth as we both struggled to stay awake. Topics included:

Who was his first wife? How long did he cheat on her? That one shirt with four multi-colored argument because Tod thinks he had more hits than the Beatles...

* and don't forget 4pm with two kids and zero naps when Mom semi-lost her mind and yelled, "Everyone close your eyes and START SLEEPING!!!! NOOOOOWWW!"

Pictures coming soon.


IronLawGirl said...

Bahaha! Last time I drove up to Sacramento, I found a Garth Brooks greatest hits cd in my collection. Oh I totally jammed to it. Good road trip music.

Don't go crazy.


Sharstin said...

ah...the joys of the good ol family roadtrip:) and i really need to see garth in vegas!