Wednesday, June 8, 2011

top ten positives to no car for a month

10. Doing more stuff around the house ie: pulling weeds, organizing closets and drawers except I haven't organized any yet

9. Getting rides from friends = More time with friends

8. Spending less money except for oh shopping.  Larry's ebay cowboy boots should be here any day now.

7.  Less grocery shopping which means less food in the house.  Which means getting creative in the kitchen ie: lots of canned chicken surprises.

6. Walking everywhere which means more exercise.

5. Like when I walked to the park today in 90 degree heat with Larry screaming and Lennon trying to pacify him by singing.  Loud.  But the positives were all the gorgeous minivans driving by.  I stared them down like a guy would a girl with triple Ds. 

4. Getting to meet more Park Moms:

PM: So how old is the red head?
Me: He just turned two.
PM: Is he talking yet?
Me: Not much.
PM: Oh wow, my little Zoe was talking on her first birthday.
Me: Cool.
PM: Do you have your four year old in preschool?
Me: Yeah a couple of my friends teach in one of their homes.
PM: Oh reeeeeaaallly?  In their house, that's awesome.  Yeah we put Jack in Challenger (private preschool) and it has just...been...awesome.  Worth every penny.
Me: I'm so glad.

3. When you're home all day time slows down.  Which is exactly what I want...nice, looooooooooooooooong days with my children.
2. Mail key is lost and since I can't drive to the post office the mail lady and I have become BFFs.  She delivers right to my doorstep.  I'm going to buy her a candybar...just as soon as I can drive to the store.

1. Because I get to be like "everyone else in the world, Holly" (direct quote from my husband) because according to him most people don't even have a car so welcome to the real world.  I am so glad to be here.


Christina said...

Way to stay positive!

And park moms are starting to rub of on their snotty park kids. There were a bunch of boys at the park the other day that were around the same age as my twins (starting Kindgergarten in the fall) and they kept following them around telling them how much smarter they were because they know all the states and their capitals and the declaration of indepedence, etc, etc, etc... My girls just looked at them with "who cares" written all over their faces and kept on playing. Seriously kids, go home and study your capitals, we're here to play!

Kari Beth said...

Hol, this was funny. That freshoutoftub picture is SO cute! I can't wait to see you guys!

Carol said...

I keep telling you ... if you'd just write a book with all your hysterical blogs and these cute characters you live with every day, (& you DO have the time on your hands these days ~ LOL!) you'd probably get published, become famous like Erma Bombeck and be able to afford ANY car you want, Holly & Tod could go bump his head. :) You've EARNED it kiddo!

alana said...

"welcome to the real world" makes me laugh! Love this, and way to find the silver lining in the no car situation.

Sanditerese said...

You crack me up! I can't stop laughing.