Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love campouts

Tonight Tod took Lennon and Larry to a ward Father and Sons campout.  Are you kidding me?  They should do these monthly.  I got so much done:

1. Dinner with a friend
2. Closed all my blinds to keep bad guys out
3. Started hanging up my clothes then started going through old clothes
4. Made a donation pile (probably more clothes in that pile then what's left in my closet)
5. Tried on dresses from 2003
6. Pondered the results
7. Tried dresses on again with spanx this time
8. Felt better about stuff
9. Plucked eyebrows while sitting on bathroom counter
10. Noticed counter was dirty so I wiped it down
11. Cleaned entire bathroom including toilet and floor (midnight by now)
12. Stared at my pores in the mirror
13. Watched Oprah and cried over that little boy Mattie who, in her opinion, is a prophet
14. Surfed  Did you know Macho Man Randy Savage died?  Hulk Hogan is torn up over it.
15. Checked email
16. Watched video Tod sent of the boys eating popcorn in their tent
17. Blogged

You know, the usual.


Sarah said...

Do you really have spanx? And I the only one who doesn't? Did Oprah tell you to get them?

MediocreMama said...

Ummmm yes I have spanx! They change everything. I mainly wear them with dresses (especially from 2003)...they make things possible.

And no, Oprah didn't tell me to get them...I looked in the mirror and told myself it was time.

Ashley K. said...

Loved the post... but you should have been packing for Pirates Cove...