Wednesday, May 4, 2011

August 23rd

My parents were married in the Logan temple on August 23rd, 1979.  Don't you love her dress?  I think Kate Middleton was inspired by it.  So ahead of her time.

My parents met when my mom was in beauty school and my dad came in for a haircut.  If I've heard the story right, he was in the next day asking for a body wave this time. Any excuse to see her again. He loved my mom.  The day before he died we talked on the phone about Mother's Day.  He had bought her a Kindle and was excited to surprise her.  I told him it was probably his best idea yet but then he reminded me of the ring he once gave her with all her kids' birth stones.  We laughed because we both knew sometimes he wasn't the best at picking out gifts.  One Christmas all his presents to everyone were white elephant gifts he'd found at a thrift store. 

The last thing he said to me was,  "I'll call you on Mother's Day."  Instead of talking to him on Mother's Day, we spent the day planning his funeral and looking all over the house for my mom's Kindle.  We were sort of laughing and crying all at once, trying to think of where my dad would hide it.  I finally found it tucked away in his closet.  On top of it was a blank Mother's Day card that he never signed.


Meegan said...

My goodness every time you post about your father I end up in tears and I never knew the man. It's absolutely tender hearing about the relationship you had with your dad. I need to read your blog BEFORE I put on makeup for the day. :)

Lindsay said...

Hey.. so this is Paige's other sister, Lindsay. I love reading your blog and wanted to say hi. We've heard a lot of great things about your Dad from Kristi.. he sounds like he was an amazing man. Love the story about him wanting to surprise your Mom with a kindle on Mother's day.. so sweet! That picture is great, and yes, I'm loving the dress!

You have such a cute family and I love all the stories about your boys... you crack me up! We sure do love Kristi and she always has the nicest things to say about you all. She truly is one of my most favorite people. Anyway, this is getting long. Just thought I'd say hi, rather than blog stalk you all the time =)

Anonymous said...

These are great memories and such a great way to share them. You have the best memory and best storytelling skills. I love the dress too!!!

MediocreMama said...

Meegan, sorry about the tears.

Lindsay, great to meet (?) you! I've heard a lot about you ladies from Kristi, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog now and then and for being so great to Kristi. We can be cyber buddies.

Megan, loved talking at 1 am last night.

MediocreMama said...

P.S. memory usually isn't great but for some reason that entire last conversation with my dad was burned in my brain. I was so aware of it while we was weird.