Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Updated] Apology to the neighbors

Dear NeighborsWhoJustMovedIn,

Welcome to the neighborhood!  We hope you love living here like we do.  Also, quick note: I apologize that when my son isn't yelling out the window, "Hey kids!  HEEEEY KIIIIIDS!  Are you home?" he is building some type of tower so he can look over your fence and watch your kids swim. And that because I told him neighbors need privacy and to leave you alone now he screams, "HEEEEY KIDS!  KIIIIIDS!  Do you still need pwivacy?"

***Also, yesterday when you started showing me all the items Lennon threw into your pool (without my permission I assure you) and you said "kids will be kids" did you really mean it or are you mad?   

Great to have you. 


Unknown said...

One of the cuter things I have seen lately.

Jillian said...

I should probably start drafting a letter to my neighbors. I'm fairly certain that they are moments away from poisoning my dogs....their antics aren't nearly as cute as your sons.

alana said...

I really wish we were neighbors!!!