Saturday, February 12, 2011

mopping on a friday night

Last night I spent a good 30 minutes mopping my floors.  And I started feeling lame; most people go out on Friday nights.  Most people have hot dates, friends over, game nights, movies to see, dinner parties.  I had my hair in a ponytail on top of my head, wearing my Strictly For My Ninjas t-shirt and pink pants mopping on Friday night.  My thoughts while mopping (in no particular order):

I didn't wash my hair today, but these natural oils are going to make it so healthy and shiny when I finally do...

Does anyone else have to transfer batteries from an upstairs remote to their downstairs remote instead of just getting a new battery?  Nope?  Just us.

Remember how that lady today was holding her FIVE YEAR OLD's hands (both of them) while he navigated the playground then she noticed Larry climbing to the top slide by himself and asked him, "Awwww, where's YOUR mommy?" to which I yelled from where I was sitting, "I'M RIGHT HERE!" sort of mad because I believe in letting my kids play while I sit because we both need it? 

I think the garbage can blew away...send Tod and Lennon to go find it. 

Does anyone else's garage smell like dirty diapers?  I guess I could put each dirty diaper in a Ziploc bag and seal it up like Megan does to avoid the stench and keep the garage from smelling.....nah.

I'm turning 30 in two months and it makes me happy.  Because when I turned 20 I was sort of who I was going to be but now I feel like this IS who I am and it's a better version.  A more tolerant version.  So if you think I'm mean now....

And I think maybe I should throw a big party or maybe you should.

The middle toe on my left foot has been numb for a couple weeks....look up symptoms of MS online tonight.

The boys played this afternoon without fighting.  Should've taken a picture.

Going to Florida next week with Tod....must get laundry done and food in the fridge for Carol.  And I could say, "Can't wait for our much needed vacay next week with the hubby!  Florida sun, HERE WE COME!" but here's the real version: "Going with Tod to work conference in Orlando where he'll make me attend every class but the good news is no food preparation/clean up for four days."  People are so annoying huh.

Today Lennon and I did puzzles on the carpet in the living room on a sun spot...I love when there's big patches of sun on the carpet.  Best temperature you can find. 

When I stop what I'm doing and hang out with him for a minute he's so much nicer.  Do more of that.

Remember the last Thanksgiving that Dad was alive when you bought a tape recorder and new tapes and sat down with him while the boys napped to start interviewing him for his life sketch you wanted to write and the tape recorder was full of freshly chewed gum (Lennon)?  So you both decided another time but it never came.  DANGIT DANGIT DANGIT DANGIT DAngit dangit dangit dangit.

And remember that girl at Sweet Tomatoes who stood in line in front of you?  Her phone rang so she looked at it then threw it back in her purse.  A minute later it rang again and she looked at it.  The screen said, "DAD".  She answered it all bugged and said, "Dad!  How many times do I have to tell you that I have CLASSES ON THURSDAYS and to please stop calling me!  #$%#(!" then hung up.  So you spent the rest of dinner wanting to tell her he wouldn't always be able to call her but you didn't.  Chicken.

Skip the party, fire your therapist, grab a mop.


Unknown said...

--Here a little known fact I don't share about myself often....... I have never actually mopped my floors........................... I am a very clean person but I just can't stand the thought. Too much work. I do however use a soapy rag and wipe them down with my hands every now and again. Not the whole thing..... just where it looks dirty.
--If I did not wash my hair at least every other day it would be a giant drop of oil. You are sick. But if i had hair as long and luxurious as yours I probably would not wash it every other day either!!
--No, I have a giant Costco pack of batteries in all shapes and sizes.
--You tell her. Her kid is the one suffering.
--Ha ha ha ha. I don't miss that Las Vegas wind.
--I read the first line about the dirty diapers and was like, "Put them in a freaking zip lock bag." Then I read your next line and laughed out loud.
--Great line about turning thirty. Touche'! I bet you were mean when you were younger.
--Or a turning 30 trip (with me)? Mexico! New York!
--Too much running?
--I love when they play good together
--Work trip or not, sounds bomb to me!!!!!!
--Totally agree about the sun spots. I live for the sun coming through my windows.
--That sucks. Don't know what to say about that. That is something I would love to do with my parents. Have you done your mom's? That would be really neat then you could have your dad's story intertwined with your mom's.
--Eeeeewwwwww. She probably would not have appreciated it anyway.

Sarah said...

At least your toes looked pretty while your mopped. I wish Rob took me on business trips.

sarah said...

we are so guitly of stealing batteries from one device for another. recently i took batteries out of the baby laptop so i could sit on the couch with the remote. okay, maybe i took out the batteries because the noises were driving me crazy!

Ryan Smart said...

I say you do a throw back party and let's have a treasure hunt bike ride-I'll come. If you steal Kelli's idea and have a pirate theme party, I am sure she won't care. Tom Rose probably still has that real eye-patch I could borrow.

Friday night I went to red box and rented a movie we'd already seen then went back and watched Toy Story 3...I felt old and lame. I'm comfortable with where I am at 30, but still always want to have fun...and not look old.

Nancy said...

I have a numb toe too!

Loriann Jensen said...

good post

Carol said...

Holly ~ what can I say ... I'm just so darn glad Tod found you. I am your greatest fan. Honestly, I mean that! And there you were as I left town Saturday afternoon ... mopping your floors again! (probably because I only did the "Megan Mop" while you were gone) You definitely don't qualify as a Mediocre Mom ... that's a myth!!

Thanks for letting me have the boys while you were in Florida.
I enjoyed it so much & miss them already.