Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So far so good

Our first Monday in 2011 started like this:

 So the boys took a hot one of these:

In an instant most of my plans for the day flew out the window because...it was snowing.  We can't go grocery shopping in this weather!   Good thing we live in the desert.

Then on our first Tuesday in 2011, our newest nephew was born nine weeks early.  His brave parents had been in the hospital since New Year's Eve and this morning Isaac Alexander Clark was born around 9:30 am.  Amy kept me informed via text and when I asked if everyone was going to be okay she responded, "So far so good."

I was sort of hoping for, "Yeah, doctors say it's a miracle and the baby is perfect and weighs 8 lbs. and Emily is doing backbends and can go home this week and blahblahblahblah..."

I thought about that and thought about what Tod and I have been dealing with lately (work stuff) and how sometimes I dread him walking through the door because what if there's bad news? what if it's worse? what if something more happened?  An average day is a great day from my perspective.  And often no news is fantastic news.  So even though I want Emily to be up doing cartwheels by now and her baby to be breathing on his own I realize that so far so good is just that...good.  And good should be good enough.

Welcome 2011 and welcome little Isaac.


Karen said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for some reason those outdoor shots look really cold!!!

Angela Taylor said...

Dylan was convinced school would be cancelled. "But Mom, we can't play on the playground because it's covered in snow. What else can we do at school all day...work?!" Crazy thought.

More importantly, I hope that little baby is still holding his own. That's so scary, I know! They'll be in our prayers.

Ashley K. said...

Great perspective. "Good, is just Good." I like that. We always seem to want BEST all the time. Hope that baby is doing okay.

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

oh such great bubble bath pics! makes me miss my nieces! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all that snow!!!!! Crazy. You can go grocery shopping in the snow... you just can't wheel your cart out. It gets stuck all the time and is so frustrating!!!! The boys look so cute in the tub. All that red hair is so envy-able. Hope the baby is doing good. That would be so so hard.

Katie Ross said...

We loved the snow! Got some great pictures too and the boys had a lot of fun! How is the little baby doing? Hope all goes better than good!