Thursday, December 16, 2010

Locked out

Tod and Len Halloween 2010...nothing to do with the post
Tod has locked himself out of his car five times since Halloween.  He has a knack for doing it when one or both boys are asleep.

First time:

Tod: Hey Hol...can you bring me a key, I locked myself out of my car?
Me: Hahahaha okaaaaaaay we're on our way.
Tod: Oh thanks love you.
Me: I love you too.

Second time: 

Tod: Hey...wanna meet for lunch today?  I locked myself out of my car again so...
Me: Tod!  Ahhhh okay okay I'm coming.

Third time:

Tod: Hey!  Whatcha doing?
Me: Are you locked out again?  Tod seriously, what is wrong with you?  Three times in a month?  How is it possible that you always choose to do this when Larry is napping?  Should I wake him up AGAIN?

and on and on and on...

Fourth time:

Tod walks through the door at 10 pm and a mysterious truck pulls away from our house.

Me: Who's that?
Tod: Dunno.
Me: Why did you just get out of his truck?
Tod: He gave me a ride home...I was locked out again and didn't dare call you.
Me: Oh, cool.  Thanks.

Fifth time:

Tod gets home from work around 9:30 pm bright red and breathless.

Me: Why are you out of breath?
Tod: I just ran home....locked out again.

He just needed a little tough love.


ericareynolds said...

Oh, thank you Tod. I think that was the best thing that I've read all day. Hilarious. Maybe he should get one of those magnetic boxes or something similar and hide a key on the car? Or carry an extra one?

Ryan Smart said...

I love that you can even scare your husband. Is it bad that I know the exact facial expression and tone you gave him. I've seen it before. You don't become head cheerleader just by being nice ;) Tod I would have walked home too. However we need to get you one of those wallet chains that connect to your keys...or a robot finger that is made into a key...whichever one you can find on ebay.

Laisa said...

I miss you guys. Your life will never, NEVER be boring with Tod around. Come to think of it, neither will mine. . . .